Escape game Shpola Room

Company: OneBefore Escape

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1905 Avenue M Brooklyn, NY 11230 ()


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Ellis Island office, complete with suitcases with belongings, documents where each item is a key to a lock somewhere. The dates and names all tell a story of the Dr. Paull's family journey to America. Once you reconstruct the Paull family tree (it won't be easy - but that's why you are here!), a new dimension of the space is revealed ushering you yet deeper into the room, and yet deeper into Dr. Paull's past.

Find yourself in the world of the 18th century sage known as the Shpoler Zeide surrounded by the objects he cared about and join (yes, you) the Zeide to save an innocent man from mortal danger! You will be replaying the true events of distant past through the puzzles in the room. Throughout these 60 minutes, be part of Dr. Paull's journey to reconnect with the Zeide.

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