Escape game The Underground Morgue

Company: Demented Escape Room

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

20+ reviews


2505 FL-7 Margate, FL 33063 ()


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You just received a horrible phone call that your best friend has been murdered and they need you to confirm and identify the body. In complete disarray, you make your way to the hospital with a group of friends who are there to support you. As you find your way to the morgue, you realize something is off.. This isn’t your typical morgue. It feels like you went down the wrong area and just as you and your friends realize this, the door shuts behind you and you are locked inside.
You find yourself surrounded by mutilated bodies and your friend is nowhere to be found. You hear loud noises coming from different rooms, screams and cries for help.
The clock is ticking…. Do you have it in you to escape the Underground Morgue before a gruesome end comes to you all? Good Luck!

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