Escape game Amnesia

Company: North Texas Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


1717 West University Drive #403 McKinney, TX 75069 ()


In between Braum's and Kroger, 2 miles from The Square, in McKinney's historic downtown.

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As members of the Red Cross, you are traveling overseas to volunteer with a humanitarian project. Your plane crashes. Thankfully no one is hurt, but one poor individual on the flight has been hospitalized and has no recollection of who they are! The only thing you have to identify her by is her suitcase with a luggage tag showing an address.

Your team arrives at the posted address to help identify who this woman truly is. As your team walks up to the door, you find yourself in a storage unit that is sure to hold the key to her identity. Your team has 60 minutes to figure out the truth but be careful... you never know what you may find!

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