Escape game Quarantined

Company: Legendary Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

4 reviews


42 W New York St Aurora, IL 60506 ()


At the Tivoli Plaza

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The terrorist organization known as the Underborn is hell-bent on the destruction of mankind. They have been plotting and testing for decades for the virus to end all of humanity. Central Intelligence now fears that the Underborn has succeeded in creating the “Z-Virus” and soon will be unleashing their sinister weapon onto the world.

You are part of a Special Task Force Team know as the Revenant Corps. Your team’s mission is to break into the terrorist base. Stop the Zombie Warhead Missile from launching an infectious disease that will destroy the human race, but be alert, there is also a LIVE Zombie in the room with you. You must then find your way into the laboratory, obtain the cure and escape!

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