Escape game MURDER CO.

Company: Black Market Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

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1220 W 9th St Upland, CA 91786 ()


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BLACK MARKET ESCAPE ROOMS presents MURDER CO, a permanent immersive-based live action horror escape experience, aimed at turning the attraction industry on its head. Moonlighting from their day gigs, a handful of entertainment professionals have thrown the proverbial gloves off by thrusting guests into an adventure far too severe for the family-friendly confines of an amusement park.

Murder Co includes state-of-the-art special effects typically seen inside major theme park attractions. Professionals who help create MURDER CO include artists, technicians and designers who have worked with the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Cedar Fair and the National Football League. Companies on board and supplying a stockpile of surprises are Gantom Lighting and Controls, Immortal Masks and Ghost Ride Productions.


MURDER CO is more than simply solving puzzles, combinations or finding keys to break out of a locked room. The high-level adventure incorporates unique entertainment elements matched with intense scenes of harsh violence, pitfalls and physicality. Groups of up to eight members find themselves trapped in a gore and chaos-filled race for survival.

MURDER CO: A high-priced, high-society underground black market sports ring enabling voyeuristic individuals to privately witness a live murder take place. Beyond the scant rumors found on the Black Web, not much is known about the enigmatic company. It is only after guests sign-up that the specific details of the ominous Murder Co will be revealed. If you're still brave enough to make the plunge after signing a waiver, dangerous mystery awaits.

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