Escape game Edison Puzzle Labs

Company: Edison Puzzle Labs LLC


Tustin, CA


Mobile and servicing Inland Empire, Orange County, and parts of LA and San Diego

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The Edison Puzzle Lab is our signature room. Guests take on the role of Thomas Edison's assistants, working to find and rewire a hidden electrical panel before the hourglass runs out. The Edison Puzzle Lab is mobile, so all the furniture, props, and puzzles are portable and can be set up in a small indoor open space, such as a living room, conference room, or garage. The Lab runs in 60 minute or 30 minute sessions. The room typically accommodates 3-6 people, depending on the size of the physical space. A minimum 10'x10' (100 square feet) open area is typically required for the full 60 minute edition. Contact us for options if your space is smaller.